How To Use FYNDA Cebu Home

This website is generally divided into two major categories – there is the Properties For Sale section (includes condominiums and rent-to-own) and Rooms/Properties For Rent. Keep in mind that the site is progressing slowly as I am doing most of the work myself. Hence, be patient :). You can start by following the link below:

* House And Lot For Sale In Cebu (Includes Guides And Listings)

* Rooms/Houses For Rent (Under Construction)

From The Webmaster:

Let me personally welcome you to my website! My name is Jed Baguio, and I currently reside in Cebu City. So what gave me the idea to start this site?

Although most of my family lives in Cebu, I live separately (yep, I’m hard-headed). I already moved from several locations. Each time I did it, it was always a hassle looking for a new place. The search engine results are mostly outdated, and some are inaccurate.

I started this website to provide a better user experience for anyone looking for a home in Cebu. Hence, this site is all about looking for a home, and that includes – Properties For Sale Or Rooms/Properties For Rent.